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Virginia Nelson  Scholarship

Virginia "Ginny" Nelson had great faith and love for many things in her life. Education, the Arts and Dance were some of her greatest interests.  She had a gentle soul in all that she did yet, had great convictions in her beliefs.


She always said that knowledge is power and all you can learn is yours for the keeping. Dance is an art that gives young people poise, courage, and the self-confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to.


"Reach for the stars and dream big. No star is unreachable, No dream impossible" ~


Dance like there is no one watching and keep on your toes,


  The Ginny Nelson Family


The Virginia Nelson Dance Scholarship will be chosen by Ginny's immediate family. All entries will be submitted to them blind with no names. They will award one dancer $300 towards their Motion Works Dance tuition. 

Entries allowed until October 8th.  The scholarship winner will be announced October 23rd. (Entry open to current or future students)

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