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Shoes and Attire

No specific colors are required for classes.  Students can wear whatever color they like! However, we do specify color of shoes needed for Recital.   This means students do not need to have that specific color for class but will need them come costume pictures and Recital time.



Ballet Classes

Pink Ballet shoes. Leotard and tights/leggings are required for all ballet classes.  Form fitting warmups, skirts, leg warmers, etc are allowed.   No baggy coverups, I.e. t-shirts, hoodies, etc.

Tap Classes 

Black tap shoes and athletic Wear

Lyrical Classes

Tan Jazz Shoes and Leotard and tights/leggings


Jazz Classes

Tan Jazz Shoes and Form fitting athletic wear. (I.e. leggings, tanks, shorts, 

Hip Hop

Clean sneakers.  For hip hop we like to. costume a matching shoe to the costume.  So we do not ask that students buy a second specific pair of shoes for hip hop, but we do ask that they be different from the shoes they arrive in as to not track in any outside dirt and debris into the studio. 

Musical Theater

Tan Jazz Shoes and athletic wear.

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